Friday, June 24, 2011

The Cloud Buzz and Security Risks. Dropbox Exposed.

Dropbox, a cloud based storage service used by millions of users was compromised allowing illegal access by using any user name and password. The service hosts sensitive documents, and other files including media content. The reason to this nightmare according to Dropbox was a code update introducing a bug affecting their site authentication mechanism. Although a fix was delivered in just five minutes after the bug was exposed, but the site remained defenseless for four hours.
Dropbox revealed in their blog entry on June, 20 confessing “this should never have happened
Clients are obviously outraged and raising privacy concerns over their confidential stuff stored on the cloud. Proper unit testing followed by every update might have avoided this catastrophe to take place.

Despite Billions of dollars have been invested on cloud services and solutions by companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Sales Force to compel individuals and businesses to go online and do expensive conversions; such incidents lately have had a substantial negatively impact on the cloud computing campaign.

These security breaches seriously raise a necessity of having a proper governing body to define standards and rules for all those who offer cloud services. The body should keep auditing to ensure that cloud based service is in compliance to all rules and SOPs and monitor that such companies are fairly investing on best security standards to gain confidence of clients.

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Anonymous said...

This evidence is circumstantial, show me real evidence of money being accessed ?