Saturday, May 28, 2011

Facebook allows Bing to let your friends help you find what they "like"

Bing's collaboration with Facebook opens up all its "LIKES" data to bing to include in its search.

After all, friends suggestions and their expertise do matter :)
Bing will track recommendations from your peers on Facebook and will return granular, more relevant and specific search results to your interests.
Your search would be more like taking your friends along with and telling them about the laptop you are planning to buy; and they will guide you through what they "like".

This could be a major breakthrough in internet search. Further, it might give substantial edge to bing over its search rival Google, which might be working to exploit social search using data from orkut, but it has less user base than Facebook does.

To enable bing social search with Facebook; go to bing and follow below steps.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Offline Wikipedea an example of Anti Cloud

Offline wikipedia offered by apple itunes, brings all the content about world in the small hand-held device as well as PC.

This gives great ease and power of information to the users while travelling with little or no connectivity, or being anywhere without internet.

It further offers customization and personalization like, queing articles for later review, organizing peferred articles into folders and synchronization with latest text and images on the cloud.

The app when deployed on a shared PC accessed by multiple users at work places could also save internet traffic and avoid bandwidth issues.

Google Wallet, a mobile payment platform. Still Carrying Credit Cards?

Google launches its Near-Field Communication(NFC) enabled Mobile Payment Platform, which allows payments sent directly from your smart phone. Your phone will be your wallet.
Google has partnered with big industry retailers and merchants including Master Card and City Bank for its Google Wallet.
This launch has created buzz in all related industries from Point Of Sales Vendors, Retailers & Merchants through Banks and Software Companies in support of this platform and get compatible with the future of customer payments.
There are also Gossips about Apple that is working too on an NFC enabled mobile payment system for its iPhone.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Google's Cloud Based Machine Learning Service

Google Labs now offers its cloud based machine learning API and Big Query, powered by a full fledged BI enabled engine with a hand some of Google's industry tested and renowned prediction algorithms.

This empowers developers and organizations alike to take jump start towards greatly improving their applications and services by making use of Google's deep data analytic capabilities.
It specially attracts those Organizations lacking the high tech infrastructure of maintaining a data warehouse followed by high licensing costs of purchasing data mining engines and business intelligence applications offered by major vendors like Oracle, Teradata, Microsoft.

In order for this to work; you have to upload your data to Google, process the data using Big Query and then applying the set of prediction APIs.

However, when it comes to prediction, machine learning, and data mining; we are talking about data in Giga/Tera Bytes.
Given the type of business, size, and sensitivity of data; uploading data over the internet to Google infrastructure for the first time followed by daily incremental uploads raises feasibility and security concerns. But as the cloud Buzz continue to grow massively, so does the adaptability.

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