Saturday, August 13, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Xcover smartphone for extreme Conditions

Source: Times Of India

Samsung has announced its new rough and tough smartphone named as Galaxy Xcover. Specially targeted for thrilled sports enthusiasts and extreme conditions, the phone is made up of tempered glass and can survive up to 30 minutes underwater and has IP67 dirt and dust resistance.

The phone carries a 3.2 mega pixel camera accompanied by LED flash that doubles up as a torch. Its 3.64 inch touchscreen is made up of tempered glass.

Galaxy XCover runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread and is powered by a single core 800MHz processor. Pricing is not reveiled yet but it’s expected to be a mid-range Android smartphone for tough guys.

Source: Times of India!

Monday, August 01, 2011

Google Website Optimization Service

Google has launched a new page speed service to automatically speed up web pages during loading. The page service sits between browser and web servers; it fetches content from the web server, optimizes the code of the web pages using Google expert techniques and tricks to improve performance. End users will see no impact other than faster web experience.

In future, this is going to be a big relief to the developers overstressed to optimize website performance, as well as to the small businesses running simpler sites to achieve faster delivery cycles and more budgets for development by cutting the cost for advance level web site optimization and tuning. However, for large websites running enterprise applications; it won’t be rational to claim that this service will sufficient enough to take care of speed issues.

Google has launched a test page to compare site speed across different browsing platforms and environments. Currently it offers to selected number of site owners, and expected to be free for all in future.

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